Sold Audi A3 8L TDi Quattro Sport 130 - unmodified


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Audi A3 TDi Quattro Sport 130 - REDUCED - £2,100 ONO
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2003 8L 3 door model


Extremely rare Quattro Audi A3 TDi. All original – no modifications.

3 previous owners – Main dealer then mother and son before I purchased it in 2011.

Part leather seats, 4 wheel drive, manual, ice cold air-con, heated electric mirrors, electric windows,

Bluetooth / hands free stereo

123,000 miles with impeccable and full service history including 2 cambelt changes and recent clutch, coolant pipework and thermostat replacement. Stamped service book and every receipt and MOT since new, including original road test handover paperwork from 2003. Good set of tyres, MOT to April 2020. 2 remote keys included, all handbooks and paperwork in place. No codes showing and no dash pixel issues or roof rail rust issues.

Economical, fantastic quality built car, fun to drive - this is effectively the S3 in diesel - perfect for winter snow and extremely rare to find this Sport 130bhp model with Quattro.

10/19122k miles: New coolant pipework, thermostat and tandem diesel pump

4/19:121k miles: New Kumho front tyres

2/19:118k miles: Oil and filter service, incl pollen filter

11/18:116k miles:Cambelt and water pump replaced, brake fluid service, fuel filter replaced

11/18: New battery

7/18: 4 wheel laser alignment

7/18:114k miles: Front shock absorber, bushes and wishbone

1/18:112K miles: Oil and filter service, incl pollen filter

9/17:111k miles: Rear discs and pads replaced

2/17:109k miles: Rear springs replaced

12/16:108k miles: Oil and filter service, incl air filter replacement

7/16:106k miles: Clutch and dual mass flywheel replaced

3/16:105k miles: Haldex service, brake fluid changed, ABS sensor replaced

11/15:103k miles: Oil and filter service, incl pollen filter. Rear wiper motor replaced

10/14:94k miles: Oil and filter service

10/13: 88k miles: Oil and filter service, incl pollen filter

3/13:84k miles: Haldex oil and filter service

3/12: 77k miles: Oil and filter service, air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter replaced

3/10:60k miles: Cambelt and water pump replaced, longlife service

2003 – 2010: 5 previous Cambridge Audi main dealer services, including Haldex, longlife oil and filter changes

So, mechanically very sound, bodywork generally good condition for its 16 years on the road - some light scuffs to front bumper, couple of minor car park type dinks and wheels could be refurbished - all if you wanted to get this into proper mint condition! Interior and seat bolsters all in good condition. Has not been smoked in.


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Just confused as I've a same 2003 engine code AVF in a VW and cambelt intervals were 4 years / 60K , interested if Audi stated differently ?


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Hi - I’m pretty sure it’s been on the button with cambelt change - will check the book when I get home - will let you know!


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Hi Gazwould - interestingly, the Audi manual doesn’t seem to specify any timescales on the cambelt - it’s just listed under “additional work” in the service manual and is under the every 60,000 miles...


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Cool , thanks , I streached it to 5 years last time as mileage was under , cambelt due next August 2020 ( 4 years ) but I've only done 9K to date and feel confident to take this to 6 years now , no problem .