AUDI A3 8P 2010 How to Remove exhuast


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Hi I want to change my orginal exhuast.

Cut a long story short. I'm making an S3 replica. All the interior is done (except the climate control :|)
So I am now working on the outside.

I have the S3 back bumper and front.

But before I change the back bumper I need to change the exhaust, as it will look a little silly with 1 exhuast, when there is space for 2. :p

I already have the exhuast, its on my old S3 car replica. My old and new car both have the same engine.

So now I need to know how to remove the exhuast. I dont really want to remove the WHOLE exhuast. I was hoping there was possibly a joint halfway which it seems to look like it but I can not be certain.

So does anyone know how to remove the exhuast and is it a simple as swapping over.

exhuast s3 1.jpg

exhuast s3 2.jpg