audi a3 tdi automatic


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how is the auto box on the 2.0l tdi A3 ? I was looking into the Q5 but after reading there nothing but trouble with the mechatronics unit failing etc im after youre thoughts on how the auto is on the A3.

does the auto in this have any common issues? and whats the torque rating like, after a map can it still handle the extra

m rol

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No dsg here.. but: I heard lots of clutch issues with the 200. (1.0 1.4 tfsi and 1.6 tdi) even b4 mapping. The dq250 in the 1.8 2.0 and 2.0tdi should be stronger.
If you have a 150hp chipped to 195hp i guess the clutch would not be an issue as the are user on the 187hp model too..

Mechatronic faillures happen too. But remember how many are sold. Only a percentage gives problems.
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non remapped 2017 150 (CRLB) engine and DSG Dq250 (QMM) Only done 23,000 miles. But im really happy with it so far. No problems.


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No issue with mine - 2017 184hp 2.0 TDI, around 50,000 miles