Audi A4 2.5v6 tdi mini Project *Pic Heavy*


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well today me and my mate ( who is an auto sparky) fitted some bits to my audi :)

* Puddle lights / Side markers in the wing mirrors
* 8k HIDS
* Front door handle LED's ( need to fit the rear ones)
* 10mm front hubcentric spacers ( need to buy and fit 15mm rear spacers)

Started the day by removing both door cards, front headlights ect we wanted the lights to come on when the central locking putton was pressed.. so we took the feed from the centre light unit not being able to find any other source to take it from,
off came the casing of the mirrors so we were able to route the cables.

we hit a couple of snags.. woundering if the voltage on the light unit would drop enough to turn the LEDs off?
and routing the wires for the door handle ones around so they didnt get caught when the windows went down ect.

fitting the HIDS was a doddle and the spacers give a chunkier look to the front





stripping down




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sort of before and after on the wheels



going to wait until it gets dark to get some better pics .. but..... got some in the light any way





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Having had a BMW with door handle lights they're a great feature!! Liking the mods!!!


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cheers mate i need to get a relay fitted as at the moment they dont dim out.... yikes they stay on even when driving :( so i will have to get that sorted :)
Like the colour not seen this before is this a factory paint option ? black wheels look sick also :icon_thumright: was thinking of getting a Carbonio air intake for my DTM-did your car feel any different when you changed to a pipercross filter ?

Cheers James


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hey mate it felt smoother yeah, what engine have you got in your DTM? i do believe that Audi brought out a custom colour choice meening you could sellect any colour they have ever done and have your car sprayed in that colour, so i think when bought new this was an option on this car :)


aud you do !
looking good andy mate we will have to meet up and have that lil race we were on about :eyebrows:lol


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i know mate will have to get it sorted dont think i will fair too well lol

well another small update.. it wont be to everyones taste but i have added a small extra to the front of the Audi :)






looks more menising i think?

its booked in for body work in the next two weeks.

Front bumper resprayed
both front wings slight rust issue and sealed
alloys cleaned up and touched up.
side skirt flash over at the rear
hopefuly a glaze over the paint work to correct any defects.

the Xmass list will be :)

* Sline Matts
* Sline Tax disc Holder
* 15mm rear Spacers
* Parking sensors
* German style Pressed plates

the Maybe list

* Heko Window Deflectors
* 30mm lowering springs
* Bigger brakes
* Double Din Unit

Future Plans

Decat / Diesel filter delete
Full exhaust system wth hidden tips
Window Tints all round (light / medium)
Front Arm rest
Lowered 30mm
New headunit / Parrot Kit


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Have you considered smoothing the line between the top bit of the bumper with the bottom votex bit similar to how the S4 bumper comes in 1 piece rather then 2.

I've seen I think 2 people who have done it and it just transforms how the front look.

Anyways I'm envying the blue finish on your car.....Beautiful!

Keep it up!


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Well time for an update

I have recently bought a new set of sexy alloys. BMW tiger claws

Front 19x9 et43 running 225 tyres
rear 19x10 et 43 running 225 tyres (sexy stretch)
whilst getting them fitted I had my windows tinted to give it that sleeker look

Now I know it won't be to everyone's taste but I think it looks clean and the car has so much more presence and stance

Future plans

window deflectors
maybe roof spoiler

Thoughts and comments







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haha the 10 rears have the tyres under the arches ;) so i think am just ok for the time being haha and was thinking white or a slightly darker colour


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cheers dude, just tinted the head lights and am hoping to buy an Arch roller and flare the rear arches so i can lower the car another 20mm just so its sitting right :)


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Just washed, Polished and waxed the car and wheels i even have to wash the insides of the wheels because they that wide! Also just tinted the headlights with a tea spoon of black in to the top coat :)










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Really like this car - great colour.
Personally, I prefer the black wheels - just think it suits the theme of the car a little better.

Do you have much in mind for the engine? - I have the same one so would be interested to see how your planning on squeezing out some more power.
Mine is going in for a full stainless system early next month along with a re-map. - possibly a hybrid turbo in the future along with injectors (but think that's it for the V6 TDi unless mega money is spent)


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where you getting the exhaust from, as i'm after the "cat" section on mine, unless you want to sell yoursto me cheap ;) as i want to knock "the "cats out" so it'll spool up a bit quicker.


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haha i was thinking about doing the same thing ;) i have no idea one guy quoted me 340 take out the two cats at the front ( not the one from the turbo)

as it stands i have mine mapped by Big Fish tunning .. rear silencer delete making t a little louder and an open cone filter (large one) making a lush turbo wooshing noise :)

i realy do fancy a stainless system... let me know how yours goes? ... you could always try the EGR Blanking mod along with the mr Muscle turbo cleaning mod..., i dont know what injectors or turbo i could go for as much as i would like to change them and as far as i am aware the wing mounted intercoolers are more then capible of colling the air so no point in a front mount :)

what research have you done?


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what research have you done?

Not much if im honest - just read here and there that the injectors and nozzles (for spray patterns) can be changed.
Did you notice much difference from the map?
I will report back on mine once the exhaust its done (less than two weeks) - but believe the cat & pre-cat are both quite restrictive meaning the turbo takes slightly longer to spool.

Been looking into the clutch setup aswell - Ideally I would like to convert mine to a single-mass flywheel - but there is absolutely nothing out there!
Found a lad on here that will hybrid the turbo for a decent price - so may have that done once funds allow.


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Not much if im honest - just read here and there that the injectors and nozzles (for spray patterns) can be changed.
Did you notice much difference from the map?
I will report back on mine once the exhaust its done (less than two weeks) - but believe the cat & pre-cat are both quite restrictive meaning the turbo takes slightly longer to spool.

Been looking into the clutch setup aswell - Ideally I would like to convert mine to a single-mass flywheel - but there is absolutely nothing out there!
Found a lad on here that will hybrid the turbo for a decent price - so may have that done once funds allow.
Sachs SRE does a SMF and clutch for the v6 tdi which will take all you can throw at it, however the standard clutch is pretty strong and wont slip unless the map is very aggressive.
If you don't intend to take it over 250Bhp then a Sachs SRE uprated pressure plate and organic clutch will do the trick, they are listed as 15-20% improvement but Sachs claims are rather conservative and they are up to 30-40% stronger than the stock which will take a lot of abuse.
Who's the chap that does the hybrids and what he's going to do to it ? From a performance point of view a GTB2260Vk will do the business and will spool as low as 1500 rpm's which will take care of the lag !
As for the exhaust, every decent exhaust fabricator will be able to give you at least a 2" twin cat back system, get rid of the cats and you'll have a nice burble at tickover and no extra noise at speed as the turbo does a good job of silencing the engine.


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well today i decided to change the wiper arms blades and linkage over on the Audi, i wouldnt have had to change the linkage but the spline and the threads twisted and snapped off, so hears a quick write up

First remove the plastic covers



Remove the skuttle Pannel


Remove the Ecu strap undo the top cover of the ecu box T30 Torx and undo the ECU box ( 8+10mm nuts)
this will give you room to move the linkage out..



at that point remove all three 10mm bolts ( easily located) and wiggle the assembly out not forgeting to remove the plug from the motor

and in the famous words of Haynes refit is the reverse of taking apart... fit the new wipers to the spline :)



Next plans

Parking sensors
Refurbed wheels
Lowering on coilovers
Cruise control
Parrott Kit (ipod)
Carbon Wrapping some interior parts
Larger brakes ( S4 B6)

That is all for now :)


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recieved some carbon wrap in the post yesterday so i started with the gear surround..

now the car is away to the body shop to have the wheels refurbed and body work mopped and sorted :)

i only managed the gear surround but i will be doing both ashtray lids and the cig lighter lid (flip one)






thoughts and comments :)


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Wow! This is a superb project! :hubbahubba: Loved the step by step guides, made it a lot more interesting.

Your Audi colour is simply outstanding, that was always my first choice but was too rare to find!

Keep up the mods buddy


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cheers dude glad to see the project thread is still gaining interest.. will upload my ashtray carbon wrap pics and my hands free kit vent mount :) along with the roof rail pics :)

i love the colour also very rare find i jumped on it when i found the colour you see a few B5s in this colour but Audi have confirmed its a Custom pallet colour option from factory :)


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hands free kit and roof rail pics :).. the parking sensors and hands free kit is getting fitted tomorrow :)











Give the grill a blast of black and a couple of coats of clear as the original wasnt sprayed well


Recent Purchase :) Roof rails for a possible colour coded roof box or cycle rack for them biking trips :)





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slight update,

Hands free kit now fitted



Parking sensors, Very good colour match and they blend in realy well :)


Couple of pics with the Dh bike and the car :)



Next things to do...
*Coilovers and Static+ lift
*Audi A4 Armrest
*Cycle carrier + Box


1.8T quattro sline
Hi audiandy21 spotted this car at the silverlink on monday outside halfords !
looks stunning ! keep up the good work !
p.s looked around for you but no sign !
maybe another time mate !


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i think they will suit the car better

I agree, I think this car needs dark wheels.

Just read the thread all the way through. A good read, congrats on the work so far!