Sold Audi A4 Avant 3.0 TDI Quattro Black Edition 2012

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Afternoon all.

Decided its time for a change, after 3.5 years of faultless ownership. I bought this car privately from its first owner, who had clearly looked after it. So i'm the second owner, and the car has covered 79k miles.

Absolutely no modifications have been made. The only change I have made is having the wheels refurbished in black to match, which in my opinion is an improvement.

I have Thule roof rails with 1 bike rack which has been used once ! These are like new.

When I bought the car, the previous owner gave me a tow bar with it, which will also be included. This was only ever used for carrying a bike rack.

Being the 3.0 Quattro with S-Tronic gearbox, there's no shortage of power when required, with ample grip in any weather.

Last October I had Falken Azenis Premium tyres fitted all round. Given our current times and limited driving, these have loads of tread remaining. The Falkens are brilliant and make for a very smooth drive and handling.

Servicing :

I have had the car serviced twice since ownership, and the system shows it is not due for some time, however I would be inclined to have it done shortly.

Condition :

Whilst I don't spend as much time detailing my car these days due to family, the body has always had a good coating of Meguiars Carnauba Wax, and topped with FinishKare detailing spray which I find an excellent combination, so as can be seen, the body is in good condition. It is not perfect, but for its ages its definitely better than average ! No nasty dents or anything of note. I also occasionally use a clay bar, which gets rid of any contaminants.

The interior is also in excellent condition throughout. I have a boot tray which is very useful and keep the carpet clean, and good floor mats.

I recently gave the engine bay a good spring clean, again see photos.

The diamond cut rim of the wheels is corroded in areas. I will upload close ups of each wheel.

Extras :

Bang & Olufsen sound system, mmi NAV system, heated seats, flat-bottom wheel.

Any questions please ask. Viewing welcome, Covid guidelines permitting. No test drives. I am in Middlesbrough, North East.


All images have been taken today. If you would like any more, just let me know.
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