Audi a4 b8.5 shock absorbers thought/problem


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Hi guys i need some help to know what to do with my suspension. I notice my car is a little bit lower in one side so i went and check the suspension(after changing the 4 springs). As you can see in the pictures the shock absorbers are different. problem is i can't see the reference on the one that looks more old(first picture) and when i go to check the new shocks absorbers it gives a total different reference than what i have on the car. so my questions are:
Do you guys know if there might be a difference on the height of both shocks?
Is it possible that also the tops might be different in height?
Is it possible that the suspension forks also might be different height?
Do you guys know which suspension code is correct to my car?
What means the 18m(second picture)?
If the only difference is on the shock absorbers if i buy new ones this should resolve the problem right?
Sorry for all this questions but this is really annoying me lol and i want to fix it asap.
My car is an audi a4 b8.5 2.0 tdi technik 62 plate(sport suspension)

Thanks in advance ;-)


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Phone Audi parts. That's the only way to get definitative answer. Possibly car has had a broken coil spring and leaking damper at some point and it was replaced on one side. They'll give you part numbers for your car with chassis VIN.

Check the springs to rule that out too. Should be colour coded with dots. Again Audi can confirm.


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Hi, thanks for your reply. Audi parts saying me they can not giving me the part numbers, only if i go there and buy. that's my problem. definitely the car had a problem as the rear shock absorber was licking and i replaced both and the 4 springs. My only question is if there is a difference in height on the shock absorber or forks or top struts. Just to understand what i need to buy. If i buy 2 new shock absorbers, or 2 second hand complete with top struts and mounts and forks. if the difference on relays on the shock absorbers i will just buy new one. I need help on this.



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Is the difference just at the rear of the car or the front as well? If you want to rule out the shocks you can remove the rear shocks then lower the car down just on the springs and see how it sits and settles. Obviously I wouldn't drive it without the shocks fitted!


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The difference is all in the front, on the back i just bought new shock absorbers and installed them when installing the springs and it's perfect.
My main question is if there is any difference on the suspension forks in height between audi a4 same year, or in the top mountings but just in the front suspension. If there isn't i just buy new shock absorbers and it's resolved. but until i don't have this clear i can't do nothing. If someone can help it will be great.

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Did you fit genuine OE springs? We're going around in circles unless you answer some basic questions.

Also Audi in my experience will easily give you part numbers if you supply VIN plate ID. Just tell them you're pricing it out with a view to replacing. Given car is 2012, there's a good chance they'll give you 20% discount. The sticker in the inside cover of Audi service schedule (or in spare wheel well) will give the suspension codes too to double check. This is a useful too for getting more details on optional kit.

Any time you fit new coil springs, it will take time for the car to settle. Also, were springs fitted correctly?


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I notice that my suspension was lower on side than another, so i bought 4 new apex springs(30mm lowering) and ask my mechanic to install. But this didn't resolved the problem. After i checked myself and i notice i have 2 different shocks absorbers on each side with different codes. So i think the problem is on the shock absorbers. But i want to make sure it is, to replace and fix, as mechanics charge too much for this services.
Also my question to make sure it is from the shocks, is if there is any differences between the suspension fork height of audi a4's as it could be from there also. So i have many questions for audi and that's maybe why they rejected.