Audi A4 Depreciation


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Just 3 years old with 28,500 miles and looks like this


Be lucky to get £13,500. Have the used values tumbled for the A4? Seems a bit cheap.


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Yes, (from what I'm seeing) with interest rates so low and lease deals on an all time high, the upper end of the market seems to have been effected. This coupled with the new T-Charge in London has created a lot of confusion and also effected sales, specifically of diesel cars new and used.

Unfortunately car vales are going to take a big hit over the coming months, maybe longer...


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I'd say that is under priced.
Go on auto trader log in, put your car details in and that will give you a better price


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Think I am best to keep hold off it for as long as possible and run it to the ground.
It will then be a time diesels will all be banned and time to go hybrid. Lol


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I live in the city and allot of buses here are hybrid's, still agree that it's one rule for them and one rule for us though I mean they government is truly making everything a living nightmare for everyday road users, where I live most the roads are for taxi's and buses only and the local motorway junction I use to get home has been changed from 2 lanes to 1, then when I'm on the motorway by mine it's a 30mph average speed check!

If anyone wants to get rid of a nice a4 though I'll have it :wink:


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I agree with DieselJake, and I'm an S4 owner, we are on our own, so getting our wallets emptied is what it is all about, okay petrol engines might last a while longer but they are due particulate filters as well in the next "clean up". I only use my S4 for long distance and never in towns as that is being anti social in the extreme, same goes for diesels. All my in town trips are using my wife's August 2015 1.2TSI Polo 110PS if using public transport is not an option.
I am retired now, but for the final 3 or 4 years working, I would have been commuting as a single person in a car - that is not on, so I used buses, not nice, not pretty, wastes more of my time, but sometimes it is what you should do. By the way, where I worked most of the people living "locally" ie in the same town as where I worked, used their cars, most took longer to get to work and get back home than what they would do if they "lowered" themselves to use public transport, but travelling less than 5 miles each way using your own car seems to be the way some selfish people work, and moan about traffic congestion - they miss the point that they are part of the problem and can't think about how to become part of the solution.
Electric cars, brilliant idea, lots of extra pollution elsewhere ie where the rare earth materials are mined - also anyone that can afford an electric car will be out and about so even more congestion, that means a lot more roads required, I think a bit of restraint is needed somewhere/sometime?


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Going to keep hold it for a least 10 years. I was just curious on how much it was worth (and shocked), since being a 'dirty diesel'.

It was not too long ago we were told 'diesels' are bee's knees and 'petrol' was the baddie. Now electric has topped the leaderboard. For how long is anyone’s guess. We all going to need something to move us along.


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I sold my Panamera on Tootle. Basically dealers bid to buy the car. There's no obligation to sell unless you accept the offer. So another place to check the value of your car.


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Sounds about right. In January I paid 13600 for a 2014 2.0 TDi Quattro Black edition, with 40k and 1 owner. From Car Giant in central London.

Until the PCP bubble bursts the more luxury end of the used car market is great for buyers, rubbish for sellers.

However, I sold a 2007 B7 TDi S Line with 137k in pretty good condition with nearly full main dealer history for a measely £1600. Paid £12k for that in 2012 when it had 43k.

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If it's a diesel it's going to take a kicking. I'm surprised the Chancellor hasn't put the boot in yet in terms of additional taxes. Right now diesel is £1.30 a litre, but road tax has remained unchanged. That said, there's still value in diesels, but for the majority of new car owners, then it's likely to be petrol or electric, or indeed hybrid, which in turn forces up residual petrol values.

I think the biggest hit is if you're selling right now and car is 4 years old. I bought my 2012 A4 Allroad 2.0TDI on 30k miles around 2 years ago for a shade under £20k. For me it's a keeper, so that way I'm not depressed when I see used diesel prices haemorrhaging. Not bothered about changing the car anyway. It hauls like a locomotive and for once I have decent headlights with adaptive bi-xenons.

To depress you further CarbonMike, I sold my 2001 A4 Avant quattro 2.5 V6 quattro for £1,200 with 165k miles 2 years ago. To be fair it was in excellent condition, with a detailed history.


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If your planning on buying a used diesel, your better off buying it outright & running it into the ground lol

Instead of selling after 2 or 3 years & sadly losing 50% of the value


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Still own the car and is now 6 years old and just passed its 4th MOT in September without any issues or advisories and continuing its clean sheet on testing.

Over 5 and half of those years the A4 has been in my ownership and overall l have enjoyed looking after my well groomed A4.

Can't believe how long I have owned it, how fast its gone and how I have not got bored with it, yet.

Not without a few niggles but that's what you expect these days with any car. Current one is the alarm siren keeps going off randomly.

But I still really like the way it looks, runs and with only touch over 50k on the clock, going to keep it for least another 5 years.

Pretty content with it at the moment. Nothing tempting me away yet, will see if that changes when the new A4 comes out in 2021.

The cost is also will be a big factor, as I have been enjoying the free motoring, No car monthly payment's. Since it was a cash buy over 5 years ago. So yet another good reason to keep hold of the car.

So it's looks like I will be running it to the ground.. So sod to depreciation, invest my money elsewhere, I think..


It worth a lot more to me than its current value and that all that matters.


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I have very much the same feelings about my S4; bought new in 2015, now on 37,000 miles and worth about £17,000 on a good day. I've kept it in tip-top condition, and made a few suble enhancements. Most recent, this week, were new EBC discs and pads, Strutco strut brace and an APR stage 2 supercharger pulley swap.

I can see this being my last car with an internal combustion engine, because if I do keep it another four or five years (as I currently anticipate) then I think the next stages in alternative power sources and supporting infrastructure might just be in place.


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I’ve just sold my A4 2.0 TDI SE Technik 2013.

Paid £13,500 in 2017 with 41k on the clocks

Sold £4,800 last week with 117k on the clock privately on Facebook marketplace. Autotrader reckoned I could get £5,600 - but I wanted a quick sell, so listed for £4,950 and I was swamped with interest. It seems Cheap Audi’s generally attract a certain type of individual and a lot of time wasters... That said, really pleased with how much I got for it.

I was sad to see it go, best car I’ve ever owned and it was so dependable.

That said, just picked up a new to me 2017 C7 Audi A6 S-Line Avant. So I’m off to that forum now - it’s a beautiful car...