Audi A4 S line car kit


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Can anybody help-

My boy has just bought a 2007 s line A4 with a factory fitted car kit situated in the arm rest but the cradle is missing he has a nokia 6300 phone the problem is what type of kit does he have? is it a bluetooth or non bluetooth the unit at the bottom of the armrest has a strip of gold stud connectors on it? is this generation 2 or 3 or what? would audi be able to tell me if i give my reg number any help would be great before my son gets caught by the police trying to use the phone when driving.

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If it's a 2007 car, i think you should ask in the B7 section - B8 cars generally started in 2008. Not having owned a B7, i cant really assist you- sorry.


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It may well be both BT and Cradle. Has he tried searching for BT devices on his phone shortly after switching on the ignition?


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Thanks guys have got him to switch his bluetooth on just to check and low and behold it paired straight away also have bought a handset cradle to suite thanks again.