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Ok so I have tried searching this problem and I have found a few threads but nothing really iron clad.

I believe I may have two problems in which I would like advice or help confirming.

Car: Audi A4 B9 2016/17 saloone s-tronic, diesel.
Miles: 120k


To start I have started to notice, what I can describe, as a rattle when accelerating away from a standing start.

It's when I set of with an more than average amount of acceleration and lasts from the top end of gear one, gear 2, then stops. I have tried to replicate this with a cold start and warm engine, both consist in the same result of the rattle. To add; when going over bumps in the road there is no rattle so that can rule out any heat shields being loose.

I noticed this when I had the window down but cannot hear this when the window is shut.

Could this be the cam belt tensioner? I've tested for movement in the cam belt and it's corresponding parts but I couldn't find anything.


The second problem I seem to have is that when driving my Audi A4, when approaching a junction or a round about there seems to be a considerable lag from setting off into the junction or round about.

To go with that I was getting a smell of some sort that the only way to describe it would be hot oil smell.

The engine bay isn't spanking clean but I've cleaned slot of grease from it and after that I could still smell it...on a hot day.

I found that some the symptoms related to the DMF but since reading that I feel that I may be experiencing things that I may assume to be related to the DMF slipping.

I do feel a bit of jerkiness when coming down the gears and ever so slightly when going up the gears.

Is this time for a new DMF?

Any information and help would be highly appreciated.

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Lag is normal, rattle could just be normal for a diesel, the engine has done 120k so it won't be pristine and could be any number of things. What servicing record has it got?