Audi At Le Mans


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Not only are Audi 1st and 3rd now they also handed over 20 cars to the race control.

1) 8 Beila - Audi Sport Team Joest - 142 Laps
2) 17 Montagny - Pescarolo Sport - +4 Laps
3) 7 Capello - Audi Sport Team Joest - + 6 Laps

"Audi symbolically handed over the 20 official cars to the ACO on Saturday before the start of the race: two Audi TT and six Audi RS 4 for Race Control and Safety Cars, twelve Audi Q7 as Medical Cars and Fire Safety Cars."
From Audi Medial Info Ingolstadt/Le Mans, 17 June 2006

Le Mans


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It's not a result for quite a while yet.


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It is a result now, Audi 1st and 3rd.

The Slug

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ha! who said diesels werent the way to go, Big L springs to mind, well done Audi! Keep it up guys!