For Sale Audi B5 S4 Carbon Trims Pieces - Blue Weave


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Full set of Blue Weave carbon fibre trim pieces, for B5 Audi models 1995-2001. This set is in extremely good condition, one of the best I have seen. There are 4 door trims, and 2 dash trims, plus a bag contain the fixings are these are unique.

£200. No offers.

E64968A9-30BC-4B09-9C8A-090F1CBBBA3B.jpeg F1EECE14-1900-4E61-A97C-DF86416AB670.jpeg 88BB8FB5-2129-4A9E-AD74-D2CF703D61C0.jpeg 2B8016E2-E69E-4423-B31E-6C8181F7F536.jpeg 2AF39E9C-D5C0-4162-AFE8-C8475745C9A2.jpeg