Audi B9 S4 Avant Boot Storage


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I purchased a 2018 S4 Avant a few weeks ago (quite a change from the B7 3.0TDI S-line it replaced!).

In my B7 there was both a mini boot under the rear tray before the spare wheel compartment (where I put a spare fleece coat and jump leads) and also a storage compartment on the left/passenger side (with a net pocket on the outside also) where I put a 12v compresor . In my S4 the boot tray open direct to the spare wheel/battery area (with various cables) and whilst there is a 'hatch' on the left/passenger side (with a huge void) when open there are various fuse boxes / wires etc.

My question being do people put stuff in/around the spare wheel and is it safe to put things on the unlined hatch/void?

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I'm hoping people say it's safe as I've been doing both for 3.5 years... Dry things only in the void...

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Thanks, I've currently got an old fleece jacket in the left side void with the compressor wrapped inside the jacked to stop rattles! It all just looks a little more fragile/less roomy than my old B7!


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Yep - got my tow hitch in the right void and some general do-dads and a compressor, jump start booster battery thing in the left. Under the floor around the wheel I’ve secreted a fire extinguisher, some seat covers and some other useful stuff.
My bits and bobs on the left side are all in some kind of container or padded cases etc to stop rattles. Should be fine with the fuse box and stuff as long as you’re not In And out of there every five minutes. Plus it enables you to keep an eye on whether it’s dry in there ( water ingress through light cluster retaining bolts is common)


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Sorry for the hijack, I've seen some A4 Avants with the adjustable rails in the boot (see below) while some do not. Any ideas how I can get these added to a car that doesn't?

Thanks in advance.