Audi Dealer VIP Day


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Did anyone else get one of these in the post?

My local dealer, Audi Tonbridge (inchcape) are doing a VIP thing at the weekend where they have "extra special deals" on all their stock offered only to people invited to the day. I'm going to pop along and see what sort of deal I can get px-ing my A3 for another, or maybe an A5.

My current car is an 07 2.0 TDi 140 S-line Manual and I'm thinking of changing to an S-Tronic, would love xenons and a sunroof too. I'm getting tired of crawling round the M25 everyday, clutch in, clutch out, clutch in, clutch out.

Anyone else going to the same day? I'll keep an eye out for you:icon_thumright:


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Yes, I have one and will be there - 09.00 on Sat 5th Sept. My 56 A3 S-Line 3 door TDI 170 Stronic is due for change now so I'm hoping there are some good deals to choose from - there is an 09 plate A4 2.0TDI 143 Avant I have my eyes on or an A3 Sportback Black Edition with the same running gear as my current car. Maybe see you there?


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I just got a text from Oxford Audi inviting me to an event to beat the VAT rises!?!?!

I guess that means I'm not part of the VIP brigade. I must try harder and spend more in future!


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Usual marketing blurb to make you feel special and draw some custom in which means they should be up for a deal, whatever they off try for 10 % less as they will have a quota to meet on this weekend.

Good luck


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Make sure to check Broadspeed before you go to see what the proper price for a new Audi is

A3 170 TDI Sline Stronic - rrp £24520
'Real' price - £21678
Discount = £2842 = 11.6%


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Crimsontide, my appointment is 1:30 so maybe not. I've had a look through their stock and not much interests me other than the RS4


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Was a bit of a **** day really, not much interesting stock. I think I might be leaving you guys for a MK6 GTi