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Hi guys first of all would like to say I am new to the forum and hopefully will be the proud owner of an RS3 quite soon!

Currently have a mk5 gti and an A250 amg sport as the daily driver

So i have been offered the RS3 on a 2 year lease £424 a month including vat, 6 months upfront deposit roughly around £2700 on 8k miles a year.

Done a fair bit of searching around and this is the best deal i could find..

Was hoping some of the more experienced people on here could tell me if this is a decent deal?


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Is this for a new 8V RS3? :-O You're coming up around £275 cheaper than my best quote on a £51k car. And on a 2 year PCP? My example was over 4 years and a £4000 deposit on 8000 miles.

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A net £540 per month taking into account deposit is not bad at all.

Is that a base spec £40k car or a £45k / £50k car with extras ?


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Have a look at these.


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Will be a base Spec car imho, options will push up the monthly.



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I believe is a base car no options which i am not too fussed about as it is a lease and i will be returninf the car after 2 years anyway!

Really want to test drive one before i pull the trigger on the deal however the audi dealers near me don't seem to have a demonstrator which is frustrating, they have them in stock to buy in which case they say they are happy for me to test drive once i agree to the finance and if then i am unhappy after the test drive they will refund everything