Audi S4 B8 Lowering Springs

Craig Norquay

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So, I've got so many plans for this car but in the meantime I want to lower it, just enough to get rid of the gap and no more.

From my understanding it's lowered 20mm as standard? So if lowering springs say 30mm it'll only drop it by 10mm, is this right?

If so, which set am I looking at to get a drop to remove the arch gap as it's on standard S4 suspension just now.

Cheers in advanced.


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IMO I'd go with Eibach as they lower the front a touch more than the rear.This helps reduce understeer


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Having said that,they may not be low enough for you




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Anyone had any issues with lowering and ADS? Been considering it as well .
Also off topic, (and probably a dumb question) but I've been considering uprated RARB too. Would it's have any adverse effects on the sports rear diff?

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Craig Norquay

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So got them fitted, I'm getting a slight rub with the tyres on the arches depending on how I corner, I think that may be due to 9.5? I'm not sure though. Probably look to get them rolled.

Had them on a few days and just got tracking done and since then, not sure if it's a coincidence or not but i'm getting a knock now when going over small bumps,. i suspect it's either the antiroll bar links slightly loose or it's the top mounts (which should not be loose as I tightened and checked them repeatedly. I'll investigate tonight or thursday (as car is away tomorrow to have an exhaust made for it)


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I'm sure I have read about PPL getting arch rub from an arch liner screw catching the tyre.


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I've had the screw out of my front arch liner, it sticks out a fair bit do gives a touch more clearance.

A trick you can try on the rear if you want to see where the rubbing is coming from is jack it up so the wheel is off the ground and put some wooden blocks under it and slowly let the jack off. The wheel moves up into the arch and you can see where the problem lies