Audi standard sub and Bose Sub

Hi Folks , my wife’s 58 plate 1.8t S Line has a sub behind the panel in the boot, I can hear it and feel it , I take it that it will be the standard Audi sub as there is no Bose in the car as grills are standard grills on the door. My question is , is the Bose sub and better than the standard Audi sub as I know where I can get a Bose sub for £10 , if it is better then is it just a case of swapping over?, will the plug just be the same for the unit ?
Many thanks for your help


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I’ve had 2 Audi’s with Bose and the latest Audi without. Can’t say there is any difference between them. I believe you need to change the sub and speakers together, not just one component.
If I did do an upgrade I would use non Audi sound system such as pPioneer, Harmon Kardon, Alpine for much better sound.
As for Bose, I’ve never liked there systems at all, bass just booms, no tightness to the bass notes at all and the rest of the sound spectrum just sounds naff.


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The sub will only be as good as the amp powering it.

To be honest I don’t think you’ll notice much difference.


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Friend has bose in his tt and I've got the half amped non Bose system in my a3. Can't say it's much better, definitely slightly louder but not like night and day difference.
Biggest improvement for the speakers was changing out the stock headunit. Even a Chinese no name sounds better than the **** they put in as standard, let alone an alpine or pioneer unit