Q3 Audi steep decline in cabin materials quality


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Has anyone else experienced disappointment with the quality of materials in their cabin? I went from the 1st to 2nd gen Q3. The 2nd gen had a far more modern looking interior with better MMI and VC. But it feels like you’re just surrounded by cheap plastic and low grade materials. Good example would be the volume wheels which feel very light and flimsy. Almost feels like a toy car and not a real one. Certainly seems like there’s not much to set it apart from say a Ford. It feels like a lot of cost cutting has occurred. In contrast, the 1st gen used lots of high quality materials, cold to the touch metal, nice cloths, robust feeling plastics.


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I had a couple of 8U RSQ3' I'd say the cabin material quality is similar with the possible exception of the door bins which by being much larger seem less rigid. Ford make good cars, no doubt so maybe not the best comparison. The press reports whinged about interior material quality and that made me hesitate over a purchase decision - enquired of people who'd made the switch and they were all happy, the interior of the RS is a genuinely nice place to be.