Audi Triplex antenna fm,gsm,gps problems 8L0035501E


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Hi wonder if anyone can help i upgraded my audi a4 b5 avant concert radio to a kenwood DVD,GPS unit with a nokia car kit so i sourced a Audi OEM triplex antenna part number 8L0035501E from a 2001 S3 that has fm/gsm and gps connectors on it see attached pic and hopefully i have got it correct from left to right its FM radio,GPS and GSM if anybody knows any different please let me know, my problem is the fm radio is not great and is hissing and a bit fuzzy i put a auto-leads in-line amp PC5-52 and its improved it but its still not good.
I have been told that the triplex antenna needs 12v is this true? and if so how do i get it to the antenna as the in-line just boosts it after it comes down the antenna or does the in-line power the antenna? there was a in-line audi booster that came with the antenna part number 4D0035530C see pic 2 is there anyway i can plug this into the triplex to get a better signal again.
Just noticed if i touch the antenna coax signal is really good however if i take off the antenna whip it has no affect on the signal?? so the antenna seems like its not doing anything? confused any help on anything would be great even a wiring diagram for the original thanks.
dean pic.jpg