audi tt 225 intercooler options?

Audi S3 freak

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Hi guys and girls. Right I'm after a cheap front mount intercooler so what are you guys running? Basically we are going to the ring this year so my little tt needs more power as I'm the slowest car going.
I have stolen a few parts from my brother as he no longer has his s3 (his account hence the name). Parts so far are a tip, cone filter and heat shield. Decat. And a Stage 2 mapped ECU with immobiliser removed. All I need now is the fmic and I'm stage 2. Still not going to catch the others but at least they shouldn't get away from me too easily. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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I also have a S3 (8L) and am planning to change over high performance engine/turbo/manifold etc to Audi TT. I also am on the look out for a nice intercooler. But as I already have one on my S3 I am going to see if this fits first.


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Lots of choice out there for intercoolers. Airtec do a good FMIC version for the 225 cutting and rejigging required and you get to keep your fogs. I can supply them no problem.