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Hi all

Currently in a 2016 A5 special edition plus cab lowered and remapped 2.0tdi, looks great in white with black edition black bits etc

However recently moved closer to work and no longer need a diesel so looking at a tts, going to have a look at a black manual one this weekend but interested to hear how they are and what they drive like from owners, also are the rear seats completely unusable ?



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Practicality is not a TT strong point. Go and look at the car and have a sit in the rear your self with the drivers seat where you would have it. Never a fan of black cars they just seem to show every mark on the paintwork. Don't fancy some flappy paddle things on the steering wheel.

A two week trip to France would beg to differ. Think of the rear seats as a coat shelf and not as seats and they are very practical.

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I personally believe that if a car has stickers warning you against having anyone over 4' 9"/1.45m in the back (as mine has), it's probably not that practical lol.


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I didn't buy the TT to carry passengers, bought it for fun...................................


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My TT manages all the family, including pram in the back..... People exaggerate with practicality....


as people had said its a 2 seater really but put the back seats down(they go nearly flat) and then have a good size boot(trunk) its then a very practical car