Ausi S3(8L) vs. Everything Type R!


Very interesting video.... and loved reading all your colourful posts lol. i havent got an S3 (would love 1 tho) mines an A3 3.2 s-line DSG which ive only had 4 weeks, and as of yet havent managed to hav any tear ups with any type R's to date. i love my 3.2 to bits but i would imagine it would lose out to a type R wen it came to it based alot on how much mine weighs.

HOWEVER! i used to own a 2003 Focus RS and i had countless confrontations with various Type R's on varios roads......... my RS was never beaten by any of them! and trust me thats not down to my driving at all. ive never driven a car that goes round bends like my RS did and it was all standard.

i know the original post had nothing to do with fords and for that im sorry.


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Wouldn't lose too much sleep about having your A3 3.2 DSG bud. I was up against one in my tarted S3 at Castle Coombe Circuit, he was standard, and I was 2 up he was on his own. He was keeping up with me, that's all you need to know. :racer:


:beerchug: REALLY? Thanks mate that makes me feel pretty good! id still like an S3 one day......... cheers :s3addict: