Auto Gearbox oil change at 70K ? / DIY methods


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My 2001 2.5 TDI 180 quattro is on 70K and time for an ATF change, Stealer wants £170 which seems a lot ? Done some research, how to do it myself there is 9L of fluid yet undoing gearbox will only give 4 Litres - rest in torque convertor ? how to get it all out !

Also ATF fluid is £7.50 for 1L anyone got another source of fully synthetic ATF fluid, dealer insits its special and cant use Dexon2.


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Not really a DIY job you need a special tool to get the oil in and it should be checked using the Diag equip inorder to get it to the correct temp too...over filling or under filling can cause gear change problems...

Who told you ATF needs changing I was under the impression it doesn't need changing..I maybe wrong..If changing just because of mileage and you want it done then replace the strainer and filter point just doing the oil.

£170 to me is fair Oil, Labour and VAT inc.???

It is not the quickest job plus you do need to get it too the correct temp


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Thanks for the advice - Audi garage was 170 including VAT labour & oil, however they would not drop the filter to clean it for this. I visited a Gearbox specialist who only wants £100 and will and clean filter etc. However they use Dexon2 with an adative and insits that'll do another 100 K miles. They repace oil by connecting inline with the oil cooler radiator until new oil has gone all the way around. Why to change just saw a few bits about this on honestjohn and have slight suspiscions about gerabox. I have used VAGcom and found the gearbox temperature sensor reading, filling it up will require a drill pump from the pound shop, I just think Id end up changing only 4 of the 9 litres but at least I'd see the state of the filter !


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I just had mine done at the dealer, they heat the new oil up to the right temp before putting it in and you get to know it's done right too witht he right oil.

My dealer just charged me for the oil and no lab time. That was still £89 though and I had just spent £1600 on service, cambelt, discs and pads all round and a bit more work too.

Yes it's a lot of cash but I can't find anywhere near me that even has the first clue about my car let alone the eqipment needed to service it correctly.