Avf pd130 stock smic


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Just wondering what the max bhp is on the stock intercooler and pipework is

Around 200bhp..
Higher, and more boost is required, along with other stuff.. Then the plastic sides becomes the culprit.

Either get a full aluminium smic or a fmic to lower the intake temp.


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I need to know if some oem ic can be fitted to the A4 B6...

Found a A6 fmic oem that has a large thin area instead of a small bulky one.

Need to look oem for MOT


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I'd recommend aftermarket due to metal end tanks and less plastic bits to go wrong, no personal experience but I believe any factory one may need a bit of adaption anyway.

Shouldn't need to look OEM for an MOT but if you don't want it to stand out best thing to do is use black joins and spray stuff black.