AVI-8 honour aircraft and the untold story of the airmen


Faster, Further, Higher - Aviation exemplifies man's desire to fly and soar above the earth…​

The best engineers, scientists, designers and pilots have combined over the years to produce cutting edge machines that were designed for the crucial purpose of a country's defence. Drawing on the absolute best in materials and resources, a series of iconic planes have emerged over the years that serve as a benchmark to look upon in man's progress in the sky.
The AVI-8 collection of timepieces seeks to honour both the aircraft and the untold story of the airmen who have dedicated themselves both in and out of the cockpit to bring these incredible machines to life.

AV-4070-01-SS21_288f77df-9406-407b-8f70-95f1c54f6124_2000x.png AV-4070-01-MS23_28f9884e-1e46-445f-98d2-c24454bbdd4e_2000x.png AV-4070-01-Q_1be86198-ed8c-4c70-a6ef-6758e2e4dcbd_2000x.png AV-4052-05-SS63_7fcd6725-279f-417a-b4f0-77d515a07778_2000x.png

Instead of creating another pilot watch, they wanted to get a deeper look into the shape and form of an aircraft and tell some of the incredible stories behind aviation to help draw out the brand. Their vision is to produce watches that are functional yet enjoyable to wear, which also tell a story of both man and machine. Thry would like to be one of the most respected watch brands in the world by delivering unparalleled excellence in design / specification / value in an ever competitive market. To present timepieces that are timeless yet always relevant in remembering the heroism of the many who have been involved in the chapters of aviation. To build a community of AVI-8 watch fans and enthusiasts globally and shed light on important and interesting facets of aviation

For more information and pricing visit their website: avi-8.co.uk


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