B&O Sub Retrofit


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Hi guys,

I want to retrofit the b&O sound system in my car however the cost at the moment is quite £££. I am wondering if it is possible to retrofit the sub only in the boot?

If anyone has done this I would appreciate their thoughts


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Hi I've added a sub to my system put an android head unit in. None Bose system kept existing sub added separate amp sounds awesome

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Looks like you're posting in the wrong forum? I think you've got a 2015 S3? which is the 8V model.

You can buy a Helix sub that sits in the spare wheel for these cars and is a good aftermarket alternative.


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that's a LOT of time, effort and money for what is average sound to a layman and cr4p to anyone who knows anything.

Invest the same time, effort and money into aftermarket systems you'll be amazed :)