B3 Audi 80 2.0 to 2.3 swap


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Anyone know if its reasonably easy to swap from 4cyl to 5cyl in a 1990 b3 80?

The engine currently in the car is a 2.0 AAD. I might be able to get hold of a 90k mile 2.3 NG engine. Not a massive power gain but enough to make me happy and I love the sound of the Audi 5 cyl engines. I'm assuming it won't take too much fiddling to get into place with the running gear etc, but not sure about ECU and wiring loom. Also assuming that will all have to be swapped over but hoping it isn't to big a job.

I had initially thought to do a quattro conversion and fit a turbo 5 pot but think I might save that for my C3 100 as a long term project.

Any help appreciated.