B6 + quattro + h&r springs + b5 perches


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Hi all.

I am looking for specific photos of b6 avant's with h&r springs and b5 perches fitted.. also if your own cars comments on ride quality and usability after this particular drop...

Wanted to go with eibach sportlines but do not seem to be available for the Quattro...

I have searched until my eyes bleed but most threads are getting on a bit or contain photos at funny angles.. if anyone has some side on views to give a clear idea will be most appreciated



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My car has eibach pro's and sachs hd dampers.

The ride is fine, the clearance... I have 225 wheels and with a loaded car they rub on corners.

Whats the difference with the B5 perches?


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B5 perches lower the front by around 5-10mm, I can't remember the exact drop as it was ages ago I did mine, I seem to remember from previous posts that the perched can only be fitted to genuine Audi shocks.


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Right got ya, cheers. I have the opposite problem where I think I need to roll the arch liners and on the rear add 5mm! Might do this with a DIY Poly spacer as I find the rear looks a little low.

Car looks great but pulling a medium speed corner with people the rub is awful and or hard corner by myself :( However I do love slammed cars so will not this depending how rolling the liners goes.