B6 Tyre guide


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Hi I cant see anything on the search, but is there a definitive B6 Tyre advice/guide?

My Pirelli 235-40-18s are about at the end of their life and I'm planning on changing them for all seasons before the weather changes for the worse, and was looking for some advice.

The Rosso's seem to have worn evenly, and are great to grip, although jumpy on full lock ( think thats to do with the Quattro though)
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It's all about the V8.
What ever you do don't get Runways or any budget tyres, they are shocking! Considering I sold tyres for a living for 10 years you'd think I'd know better, they are just ok in the dry but in the wet roundabouts have to be negotiated at below 15mph.
If I were you I'd stick with what you know.


Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!