B8.5 3.0 TDI Quattro 2013 - Battery replacement


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Hi All,

It looks like i need to replace the battery on my 2013 B8.5 A4 (3.0 TDI Quattro Saloon) and Audi have quoted me 420 quid for the battery alone - I will source a Varta battery from elsewhere, i just want to double check that coding the new battery is as simple as below (i have VCDS):

[19 - CAN-Gateway]
[Long Adaptation-0A]
Channel 004
VCDS will populate instructions in the form of a pop-up balloon with the formatting. For example:


N = Battery Part Number (11 Digits)
X = Battery Vendor (3 Digits)
Z = Battery Serial Number (10 Digits)

[Add to Log] Saving the original value to a log is strongly recommended.
Type the New Battery details into the New value field.

Note, the New value must be 26 (alpha numeric) total characters including the spaces! If in doubt check the saved log for the original battery formatting details.

Providing the value was accepted by the controller the new battery coding is complete.
[Done, Go Back]
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06] "

Can anyone confirm? :)

...i searched the forum and found mixed results


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I replaced the battery yesterday and followed the instructions from my original post which were also confirmed in the VCDS video.

The car was shutting down some components such as Keyless Entry obviously due to low standby battery voltage most likely due to dead cells in the original battery, the new battery appears to have solved that so it was worth replacing :)

FYI: For the B8.5, it uses CAN gateway via CAN protocol (non UDS / legacy) for Battery Energy Management.


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I swapped mine (2.0 TDI) without the coding as I don’t have vcds, it seems to work fine. I got a new bosh battery from eurocarparts, they have a sale on, 40% off batteries.