B8.5 S4 grill questions


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I'm getting back in an Audi after a few years away. I've decided to get a b8.5 avant s line as a daily burner.

As with my previous Audi I want to do some OEM+ mods to it.

I really like the look of the chrome s4 grill and had the following questions:

1) will the s4 b8.5 grill fit straight onto the s-line b8.5 bumper?

2) are there 2 different s line grills? One with number plate holder and one without?

3) what is the part numbers for the grills?

4) any idea how much they cost or if there are some good reps out there?

Cheers in advance,


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I've posted the link above.
The grill on the right is what I am referring to.


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I've got one of those in good condition that I haven't got round to selling which came off my 2012 B8.5 S4. It's UK spec so the numberplate area is slightly different (shaped to fit a UK numberplate) but drop me a PM if interested. Brand new they're silly money from Audi, I was quoted over £500 for the black version.

Pretty sure it would fit an S-Line but I'll leave that for someone else to confirm as I'm not certain.