B8 Dash Speakers Upgraded


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Dash speakers upgraded today. Pleased with the sound enhancement. I don't have B&O.

I used the Dayton Audi speakers as per this Audi World forum post

The author of the post does adapter kits that come with all screws and plug connectors (with capacitor for the high frequency). Sent from USA was $81.20 USD for the kit. Probably a bit over the top pricewise but its well made and I definitely couldn't cut something so precise or have access to a 3D printer.

2 x 8ohm speakers for left and right sides
1 x 4ohm for the center.

Hoping to finish the full speaker upgrade soon as I have some Focals 16.5cm for the rear doors and Audison 20cm for the fronts.

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So you've connected the new speakers to existing wiring...which I assume is connected to the factory amp?

The difference must be night and day, the factory 'Audi Sound System' speakers are of poor quality, I have found. I ended up disconnecting the centre and RL tweets in favour of tweeters behind the wing mirror location.

One thing I noticed btw is that the non B&O wing mirror tweeter covers are blanks i.e no perforations for the sound to travel through.


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Yeah certainly makes a difference, I wouldn't say huge but definitely at higher volume. These just connect to the stock wiring. Plug and play. There is no separate amp, I think for non b&o it's just the receiver unit that powers it all.

I have done the mod as well to fit the b&o tweeters into those blank corners and Dremel'd some holes into the blank covers.

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Unless your car has the very basic sound system from factory, I'd wager you have an amp. Check the left hand cubby hole in the boot. I'll take a pic of mine tomorrow.

Adding an aftermarket amp will really maximise these speakers you're fitting, but you'll need to fit speaker line-in to the new amp or fit a DSP from the factory headunit (again via speakers line). This is all due to the factory unit not having phono outputs - I suspect you're familiar with this already though!


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Hoping to finish the full speaker upgrade soon as I have some Focals 16.5cm for the rear doors and Audison 20cm for the fronts.

Hi mate, I spotted this bit in your post. Have you confirmed that the rears are 16.5cm? If so, I might upgrade my fronts andnreplace the crappy factory with my current fronts, if so.

Which Focals/Audisons are you going for? I imagine they're costing a couple of quid.


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Hey I finished installing the speakers this week. So the rears on my avant are 16.5cm and front are larger 20cm.

Focal Access Series 165 AS Component Car Speakers 2-Way 16.5cm 6.5", 120W

These for the rears. I found a seller for cheaper on Amazon but they arrived with no crossover. Guess that's why they were cheaper. Anyway the tweeter seems fine connected to the original tweeter wire.

I used these adapters fit perfectly.


For the fronts I used AUDISON PRIMA AP8 300W
Which I found on ebay.

Then these adapters from the same company

Then these plug connectors. I'm pretty sure the positive and negative were on the wrong sides so I cut them and swapped over.


Definitely makes a difference obviously replacing the speakers but I think without a new amp the original kit is pretty limiting so you don't hear the full potential.

I also seem to still have a bit of distortion on my passenger front door which I thought would go by replacing. Probably a dry solder joint on the radio receiver amp in the boot or something.

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