B8 RS4, who has one?

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Any owners here care to comment on their thoughts having owned one for a while. I'm thinking about it but just conscious of the usual noises re it being fast but boring :audibash:


PS Why can't I choose RS4 on the Audi config site?!


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B8 RS4s are no longer in production (or those that are have already been ordered/specced).

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I see. You can still spec them on car wow etc though! Not much action in this section of the forum ;)



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Order books officially closed for the rs4 hence no configurator.

Seems most owners love them but there have been some of the old gremlins from the B7 like the DRC issue.

I think if you buy now deals are there to be done


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Finally took delivery of my new RS4 and it 'sa stunning vehicle, I couldn't wait for a 15 plate.

RS4 Black Edition, Quad Black - Panther Black cyrstal , Black Nappa leather, Black gloss external trim & piano Black dash inserts.
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Extras include:
Advanced Key
Auto Hill-Hold assist
Audi side assist and Audi active lane assist
Audi Warranty, 4 years or 75,000 miles
Black roof rails
Black Styling package
High-beam assist
Open Sky Panoramic sunroof
Door mirrors – electrically folding and auto dimming with memory function
Fine Nappa leather with RS embossing
Phone prep - High with Connect
Bang & Olufsen sound system
CD-changer and DVD-player
Heated front and rear seats
Privacy glass
Red brake callipers
Sports package
20” x 9J ‘V-Spoke’ alloy wheels Titanium look finish with 265/30 R20 tyres
Sports suspension plus with Dynamic ride control
Dynamic steering
Sports exhaust​
Convenience Pack
Electric fr seats, driver memSports exhaust​
Dynamic Sterring
Technology package – Advance
Top speed restrictor increase to 174mph
Parking advance inc. rear view camera

Audi's orcer book closed, Carwow and others still has them listed but the dealer will contact you and sell you one in the stock coming to the UK (approx 100 cars).

I love mine, its a MY2015 car and has most things fitted, I took delivery Feb 14th and no problems so far, I will either keep it for 2 years or 4, we'll see.

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DRC still seems to be an issue! Could be specced without though but did anyone do that and what would you end up with instead?



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How come its not in production anymore? Probably an obv answer like a B9 being designed etc.. but B8 still a fairly new facelift really isnt it for this car?


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Why they closed the order book a;ready is still a mystery. Maybe to make space for B9 production. Who knows.

The current b8 RS4 has been out since 2012 so 3 years for the run out halo version sounds about right.


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RS4 run is usually shorter than 3 years 18 - 24 mths for the B7, The RS5 & 6 have also gone.


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I have one, 8k in, no major issues, 1st oil service in 2 weeks, DRC to be checked (recall) and minor rattle/squeek in steering column to be sorted.

I am loving it and it eats up the miles.



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My old man had one. Had for three months and had to get the engine changed due to scrapes being present on the inside of the cylinders.

He was turning at the end of his street and the engine made a funny noise, sort of like a back fire. Engine management light came on. Took to our local audi dealer, they had it for about 2 weeks diagnosing the fault. Came back and said it needed a new engine, had about 3000 miles on it and was 3 months old. Complained to Audi UK, so they changed the engine, let him drive it and ordered him a brand new replacement car.
Apparently, while his was in getting the engine done, there was another in getting its engine done.


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Wow, but in saying that I have known of a few B7's that have had new engines but not sure why.