B8 S4 steering wheel into B6 S4


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Sorry if this has been covered before but I can not find anything. I am looking at fitting a S4 B8 steering wheel into my B6. This is where i can not find out any info, my S4 is tiptronic and the wheel i am looking at getting is aswell and also multi function. Now i have read that the airbag is duel stage and mine is single and i know that i will have to change a few bits at the back like control module and ring but i can not find anything about the paddles. I have looked at my wiring on the wheel now and i have seen a picture of the wiring on the B8 wheel but there seems to be more wires on mine that the B8.

Any help on this would be great before i buy the wheel and airbag and find that i can not do it.
Thanks in advance