Sold B8 Sprint Blue S4 Avant.

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Decided to see if the S4 will sell. Various reasons which I wont go into but not as a result of anything wrong with the car at all. In fact you could argue its one of the best all rounders on the market.

Currently on 78k miles, just serviced last week. Full service history. Has a brand new gearbox from Audi approximately 20k miles ago.

Factory Spec:

19" Peelers - black heated Super sport seats - Adaptive headlights - Pan roof - B&O Stereo, MMI 3g+ (phone with 3D Sat Nav etc) - Audi parking plus with reverse camera - Keyless entry - Hill hold - built in music hard drive - privacy glass - milled alloy interior trim and black gear surround.

Ive had the window trim wrapped satin black and the front lip has been plastidipped dark grey. Also added the RS4 style all black from grill. 2 week old BBS CH style wheel 9.5x19in with all basically brand new tyres fitted last week. 034 silicon intake pipe, homemade top brace and dipstick added. I have also enabled the oiltemp / laptimer and cornering fog lights on the car.

Pads were all replaced not long before I got it. Its also had the thermostat replaced last year.

Bodywork wise is generally very good with some small marks consistent with age. Peelers will need refurbed.
Colour is unique to the S4 on the B8 range, 2nd one Ive had and its such a great metallic to it.

I have a Forge Pulley kit and also some Eibach lowering springs which I could include depending on deal.

Looking to move to something for daily commute up to £7k value so would be interested in part exchange against the car. Must be fairly practical i.e. estate or hatchback to get dog in.

Looking for £14150ono.

Based near Aberdeen


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Shame this wasn't on a week ago, I've just sold my diesel a6 c6 Le mans avant and bought an s4, but I went with the older v8, but for ease I could have been interested in this, looks lovely pal all the best in your sale

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Few more pics today.


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Any interest? As said would p/x for a cheaper daily car i.e. hatch or another cheaper estate.


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I don't want to waste anyone's time as I'm not 100% what's happening with mine yet but I crashed my B8 S4 last Thursday and just waiting to hear if it's repairable or not so just asking a few questions.

Is it tuned currently? Notice you have the forge pully to include.
Any idea which version gearbox was refitted when it was done 20k ago?
Are both sets of wheels included?
What kind of tyres?

Again, sorry if it comes to nothing, just exploring my options depending on whether mine is repairable and how much they're willing to pay out.
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No problem. The car is on standard map it's not tuned at all. I have the pulley kit but haven't fitted it yet.
Both sets included, no tyres on the standard wheels but I do have couple of spare tyres.
Unsure of the exact gearbox but owner at the time said it was updated version.


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I am the previous owner and it's a shame you've got to get rid of it as it is a very nice example. Fully loaded with £10k worth of optional extras on what was the flagship A4 at the time before the RS4 arrived. The gearbox replacement was carried out by Glasgow Audi.
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