Back from Le Mans RS3 Report

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Right folks, just back from the weekend at Le Mans and the event was a massive RS3 and new R8 fest for Audi. I counted 20 RS's on-site in various specs and colours as well as being one of the Safety Cars. Obviously I didn't get to drive one so the following is based on my first impressions and appearance in chronological order. Just my honest opinion;

Mythos Black with Alu kit and light leather SSS and Titanium alloys - Very very understated, if that is what you are after then I am sure you will be well pleased. looks very refined and luxurious almost, interior is lovely. I walked away a little disappointed and not feeling like it looked like an RS.

Sepang Blue with Alu - Black with Grey SSS and Titanium alloys - Much better colour combination and looked like a classy performance car. Dark Interior looks awesome however the Titanium alloys just didn't look "Special enough" for me.

Catalunya Red, Gloss Black kit, Gloss Black Alloys, Black and Red SSS with RS interior package - Wow, wow, wow. I normally hate red cars but Catalunya in the metal is truly stunning. A real eye catcher. Looks like a mean racing machine and screamed out RS to me. walked away thinking I need to change my order. Gloss black kit is an absolute must have and looks significantly better than the Alu pack. Red calipers also look Ace! Interior pack makes the inside that little bit sportier and feels like its a different model to any other 8v in the range.

Glacier White, gloss black kit, gloss black alloys, carbon ceramics, Black and Grey SSS - Very very smart and the ideal balance between "look at me Red" and "understated Black" Nice clean look. The safe bet that no one will dislike.

Finally Nardo with gloss black, gloss alloys, Black and red SSS with Interior pack - Having seen the red and getting ready to change my order this made me hang up the phone. Looks mean, and the colour in the sun looked smart. Couldn't stop looking at it and I am sure it will get plenty of attention. It looks and feels like an RS. Quite simply you have to have the black pack with nardo, Alu is a no no.

Safety Car - Had performance exhaust so got the chap to start it in the town on Friday at the drivers parade. twice as loud with the flaps open as closed which is perfect for not waking the neighbours when you come home after a blat around the country lanes.

All in all it was great to see so many on show and for me it cemented the fact that I am 100% happy with my chosen spec. I just need a build week now.

Biggest surprise was just how stunning Catalunya is and for me comes a very very close second to Nardo.

As I said above, this is purely my opinion. I want my RS to be a bit shouty and loud and look that little bit sporty. If you want a sleeper that has that refined look then I am sure you will also be happy with your choice and I hope that you enjoy your car as much as I will in safety. All in all a stunning car and I just cant wait!.

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My spec is;

Gloss Black Kit
Gloss Black Alloys
Red Calipers
Privacy Glass
Dynamic Pack
SD Sat Nav
Folding mirrors
Hold Assist
Black & Red SSS
RS Design Kit
Audi Sound System

So I have come away very happy with my selection. Colour is obviously a very personal choice and I know that nardo is the ultimate Marmite colour, but it just screamed "RS" to me.

I would say that the Gloss black kit is a must have on any colour, I also think the RS interior pack as an expensive but good box to tick and the same with the red calipers if you really want your car to look sporty and like a true performance model. If you want understated then don't tick them. The biggest dislike was the Alu kit, just not for me on any colour. Biggest surprise was Catalunya, truly stunninig colour.

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Its bright, but a deep and rich colour. Not really got the orange tint that some have allured too more of a neon red. racking my brains to think of a comparison and the nearest I can think of is the McLaren Victory red of the logo and flashing on their current F1 car. I don't think that anyone that specs it will be disappointed. If you want to stand out then go for it, if you want an understated red then this isn't for you. I love Nardo and the fact that it saves me 600 quid on the options list just sways it away from Catalunya for me.


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No pics ? :-(


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The Catalunya does look different in different images how would you describe the colour in the flesh?

It's the best colour I have seen on an RS3 so far. Glacier white was woefully boring and the metallic blue with the chrome styling I have seen looked terrible. The RS3 I drove was Nardo and that looked OK, but not that special. I normally don't buy the same colour car twice in a row (my S3 is Misano Red) but with the RS3 red to my eyes looks like a proper RS, not a blinged up A3 estate (sorry, sport back).


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Any photos? im torn between Nardo and Red.


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Yea the alu pack on Nardo is not a good look. Black pack however


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Black pack on Nardo OK. Not for me, but I can see that it's quite different and striking and quite understand why plenty of chaps are going for it.