Badgerwagen - 2012 Race Season Castle Combe Begins

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2012... the year Badgerwagen comes out again to race in Castle Combe Saloon car C'ship.

as usual.. given very little "me time" is possible with customer cars and business being the priority, its again last minute and not as planned. So much easier to have a plan in your head than to realise it :think: :shrug:

mapping to do... its run in.. and geometry to reset..

Its first Race for 2 years is Monday 7th May.. Live Race Meeting on Motors Tv.. 2 Races for us during the day.
Quali is 10.10 for 15min
Race 1: 13.55 for 15min
Race 2: 16.40 for 15min

Some pix of remedial work it needed.
Belts had expired, Fire extinguisher had gone out of date, new race seat (I had it so might as well bolt it in), finally got a fuel gauge programmed into the lcd dash so I have a vague clue as to what fuel (weight) I am carrying.

The Car

The Engine

The old-new seat

changing harness's - out of date but used less than 20 times!

teaching the dash its got fuel sender now.. reads in ltrs on other screen, not just mV


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Nice to see it back together again mate and good luck for monday.


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Looking good bill just wish I was nearer as wood come and watch :)

Good luck ;)


My other car is a MINI!!!!
Awesome to see it's coming back to life Bill :)

I really wanted to make it to Combe on Monday, but I'm now having to work! ARGH. :(

Good luck! Will make sure it's recorded on motors TV :)