Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System


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Hi, took delivery of a new S3 at the end of June and absolutely loving the car.

One thing is that I am completely disappointed in the Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System. I have tried different settings and just sounds like it has got a blanket over it! My stock audio in my previous Octavia was much better.

Anyone else experienced this got any ideas?



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Have a look here?



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I personally think it’s garbage. I had the Harmon Kardon in my M140 and that blows it away. The HK in the 3 series is even better again. I have an A3 and when you turn it up all the doors rattle too. So disappointed with it all as I love loud music but can’t bare rattling interior. The bass doesn’t go as deep as I’d like and all the sound seems to come from the centre of the dash which I hate.


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I guess it's all up due to what one has experienced prior. Even with the car's power, if you are coming from a 75PS N/A engine a 30TFSI would be 'fast.' If it's always been stock sound systems, B&O might be superwow but when compared to HK, Dynaudio, Naim or B&W, then B&O might fall a bit short. I haven't got my B&O soundsytem yet, but in a weeks time I will see! I sometimes sit in cars (before pandemic) at car supermarkets or deadlerships, just to test their soundsytem. I do admit the BMW 3 series HK is very nice, have sat in one for a long-ish journey. You can see the silver tweeters in the area where the mirror is. However I felt the most complete one thus far is the HK in the Mini. I haven't sat in any cars with B&W and Naim, as those are well over my budget.


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I'm still waiting for my car, but my partner's Nissan Qashqai has a BOSE system, which I love, but can be a bit droney at times.

Hoping the B&O outperforms the BOSE


For me I find the sound dominates from the centre speaker at the front underneath the front windscreen, regardless of any settings I change/try. I had a A5 cab previously where I just changed the fader to be focused more on the rear and this really helped - this does not seem to work in the 8Y with the 3D sound so assuming this is unique to the new 3D sound. Currently I do not even feel/hear the car has a sub.
I've had 2 new A3 8Y due to rejection and the replacement sounds better than the first. So I don't know...maybe something wasn't set up or powered correctly in the 1st.
The sound is meant to project from dash speaker so sound hits windscreen and reflects back through the car. My sub definately works...i thought the car was making a strange noise until I realised it was the sub base in my music that I wasn't used to.


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Isn't A1 going to be end of Line model?