For Sale Bar-Tek 2.0TFSi EA113 Oil Cooler With External Take Off (Thermostatic)


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For Sale -

Bar-Tek Oil Cooler for the 2.0 EA113 TFSi. 80degrees thermostatic with external take off.

£175.00 delivered to ASN members UK Mainland.

Used to run over 400BHP on an EA113. Fits in the stock Oil cooler location but the thermostat opens and directs oil to an externally fitted secondary oil cooler.

Includes banjo fittings for coolant and -10AN Oil Lines.

Some marks on it - see photos. This uses the OEM Rubber Gasket.

I combined this with a mishimoto universal cooler (Not Included in sale) and mounted it the cross bar in front of the car - picture attached for example.

bt1.jpg bt2.jpg bt3.jpg bt4.jpeg