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Me: Good theres no Q, can i get a haircut?
Barbers: Have you booked a slot on insta...
Me: ...walks out of the shop.

These barbers are taking the biscuit with their 'online bookings' Do you want my business or you just going to watch me walk out whilst your sitting there waiting for customers who haven't turned up.

Rant over


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Fortunately or unfortunately most my hair is long gone so hasn't affected my monthly once over, when I had hair having to book somewhere and go out of my way to get it done was a pain although do miss having hair as the top of my head gets sunburnt in the summer and cold in the winter haha.


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Getting on for half a century , but still a full head of hair .

Always had short cut hair , can't stand it long .

About a month before Covid kicked off I invested in these



Down to the bone every 4/5 days , my only regret is I didn't do it decades ago .

Sir.. yes.. Sir..


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When lockdown was announced I panicked as I was due trim. I need a haircut every 4 weeks otherwise I look like Carlos Valderrama.

Bought a set of clippers for £30 and the wife does it. Not a bad job and saving money

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After many years i have found my "court barber". She cuts my hair well and we have fun conversations everytime. She even wash my hair if necessary.
Just last time i told her that haircut & chat with her was like good therapy. But much more cheaper than therapy visits, i think :)


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Had the same experience! Small town with 5 hairdressers/barber's. A couple of years ago I needed a cut for a funeral the next day so I walked into 3 of them all empty all saying sorry you need to book! I'm like ffs look at my head how long do you think it'll take I don't mind paying the fixed price even though I basically just want a buzz cut :scared2: and it wasn't even as long as my avatar pic!
In the end bought a set of clippers and ever since the other half has cut my hair and what's even better is I don't have to tip her lol