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Garry Knolles

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need help ......

so i have purchased a new battery for my audi a4 2014 b8.5
problem is... it does not have a BEM code :(

the battery is a eurorepar agm 12v 95ah 850cca

would anyone know what would be the vendor code of this company.


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just change the Ah if its different and change the serial number, even just 1 digit, and this will trigger the ecu to treat it as a new battery.


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As above. I changed my battery only the other week and only changed the AH and 1 digit of the serial using carista


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I'd think that in reality, the vendor code is very important only for VW group new car warranty claims as it will help them see which supplier was causing them most problems. It is possibly very important to people like me who want to do things "right" - but to the car's BMS not really necessary capacity and technology yes, but this - no.