Best/biggest speakers fitted in an A4 B5 (front doors)?

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What are the biggest/deepest speakers that have been successfully fitted to a B5 A4 without causing issues and needing any door mods?

I have a set of budget Pioneer's in at the moment but they are not particularly deep so there's room for something with more cone area and a bigger basket/magnet ready for amping.



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without modifcation you are limited to just over 50mm speaker depth in a b5 im afraid
any more than this and you will have problems with the electric windows going up and down properly

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So a 50mm limit then.

What's out there that will work well initially with a head unit and then later on with amplification?

I see both JBL and Infinity do high sensitivity, low impedence speakers with bigger cone areas that seem up to the task. I have no experience of the Hertz and Focal versions.



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I got myself some adapters a few years back and have just fitted these puppies which fit the adapter perfectly and give far more mid bass than the Focals that were in before. Mounting depth is about 80mm + with the adapter and no problems with the window :)

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Love the sound from them but the tweeter is a bit brighter than the Focal's but they can be driven a lot harder.

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Those JBL speakers have got a lot of good reviews on various sites. What have you done to improve the door/doorcard itself?