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Having sold my stage 2 GTR and stage 3 RS3 which I built over a 3 year period, I was worried the RS6 wouldn't be upto par and I'd regret letting my other two cars go. However, a month into ownership, I can honestly say the RS6 is without a doubt the best car I've ever owned.

The car in question is a 2018 C7.5 Performance currently running APR downpipes and their stage2 tune. It's like the GTR and RS3 have come together with a health dose of suv like practicality thrown in.

1. Performance is blistering, power available on tap car pulls like a train, the torque is intoxicating.

2. Quality of the cabin is on a whole new level with the full carbon and alcantara pack, comfort seats, sound system, soft close doors, heads up display etc etc. Everything about the car is class.

3. Sound of the exhaust/Engine. I truly don't think I need anything louder right now the audi sports exhaust and apr downpipe combo is perfect. Quiet with valves closed and insane when on it. Loved the GTR and RS3 for audio but the V8 sounds monsterous.

4. Ride quality is on a different level compared to anything I've owned and can only compare it to the wife's Range Rover Sport in terms of comfort and compliance. I love how even though the car looks low there is bags of ground clearance and speed humps pose no issue. In comfort the suspension is supple and the ride is bliss, in dynamic I find its just right providing enough stiffness without any overly crashing behavior.

5. Looks. The rs3 (nardo) and gtr (white) both looked good with the GTR obviously taking the spot for road presence. However the RS6 for me looks infinitly better than both of them, the large flared arches of the wagon just look sick from every angle.

6. Exclusivity. With only 6 in the country owning an RS6 is special. I love how so many people don't even know what it is and how it can be a great sleeper car.

There are many more points and I'm sure some of the above you might not agree with, but for me and my needs the RS6 is the ultimate daily with supercar esq Performance.

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RS3 S.

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Got to agree with you on that. 2016 RS6 Performance .


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Are you running cat or catless downpipes?

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Standard at the moment but think i might get an APR stage 1 for it.


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This is great, thanks for the post.

I’m about to sell my 2018 RS3 saloon and get 2018 RS6 Performance.

I think because the RS3 does everything so well, I am really expecting a lot from the RS6!

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