Best rim protection tyres?


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Hi All,

My tyres are due for replacement on my A7. So I was wondering what tyres might be better at protecting the rim than the Pirelli Pzeros im running at the mo as the Mrs is destroying the wheels. I've already had them skimmed once! and she went and kerbed two last night argggg!

The pirellis seem to have a bit of rim protection but it doesn't actually sit snug to the rim. think its more for protection from pot holes rather than side protection.

I was also thinking of going up to 275/35/20 as opposed to 265/35/20 to provide a little extra depth, only about 1.5% but still.



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I had Falken FK510's in my Audi. Those saved my rims one time from destruction by my son. And those were pretty good tires also.


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goodyear eagle F1 have decent rim protection