Bit info on esp and battery light and radio


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Hello, I have had my s3 for couple of months still driving my other car then will be driving s3 my end of year.

My battery went flat while back because was sitting for bit, so today i went and fitted a new battery, my question is on my dash the battery light stays on is this normal? as i have never driving s3 before so dont know.

2nd Qusetion. E.S.P after reading the forums it says if you press esp it should flash up on dash. when i do this it doest do anything do you need to be driving for it to come on or something.

3rd question, After fitting new battery my radio doesnt even light up or come on,?

thanks for all the info


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check all the fuses - including the one on top the battery to start with.

Im pretty sure you just have to have the engine running and the ESP light will come up when you press the button.

The battery light shouldnt be on all the time - possibly because the fuse on top has gone ?


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Now your saying that about blown fuse, i stupidly put the battery round the wrong way for a second :keule:... so do you think thats why my radio doesnt come on and battery light stays on? thanks again