Bits i need to shift!


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Hey guys,
this is prob on the wrong section but i need to shift these bits!!!

i have 2 rear shocks for a b6 a4 2001 onward, these where fitted to my car after i had it lowered, my old ones where knackered, they where on the car for just over 1 month before i fitted eibachs, they are in perfect condition

also i have 1 front s4 shock (the red one) for the same car again only 1 month old, and again removed due to the eibach upgrade

and lastly i have my old black grill, all it needs is a couple of more coats of satin black, i decided to go for the s4 black one

any takers, make me a offer!

ps: got a few a2 bits too!

cheers guys


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ok ok guys, if anyone wants to cover the postage cost you can have the bits for free! i dont really wanna throw out good parts!!! anyone?


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where are you based terry?