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Stuart B

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I have bought myself a 2002 Audi TT 225

Long story short - I am starting to feel my age and have fell out of love with laying under my Noggy S3 trying to keep it happy, so whilst the S3 is still on Axle stands, I have moved onto it's hotter sister, I am prepared to discover that this is just as high maintenance as it's rough & ready S3.

I am planning on removing my purchased Stage 2 modifications from my AMK then move on permanently to the TT
  • B5 TIP and Heat shield
  • 3in DP and sports cat
  • FMIC and pipework
  • Upgraded Dogbone Engine mount
I might just skip over those sensible modifications and fit a forge spiltter :D

I didn't think it had been mapped as it is a pretty conservative drive, but on the way home collecting it yesterday I did put my foot down on a stretch in 3rd gear and it registered 195 g/s and 20psi (via Android Torque) over about 5500 rpm (~243BHP) - so it must have the Stage 1 map with quite a low torque onset.

It's also got one of these fitted (although not fully setup yet, radio doesn't work for some reason)


Will scan the car for faults tomorrow and clear the airbag fault.

Pretty sure I will discover the clutch switch and one of the ESP sensors behind glove box or under steering wheel will be flagged up.

Before making any serious modifications, I will change the timing belt and water pump as the last recorded change in service history was 75K.

So obviously a couple of little questions if someone could help out I will be grateful.

The driver door window does not drop 2 cm on open and return when the door is closed, passenger side okay. is this easy to check? - it does actually mean the window isn't properly seated - I had a similar thing on my wife's old BMW 1.8is

The S3 and TT engines are identical If I decide to change the Timing Belt and Water Pump myself is this process exactly the same, or are some of the engine mounts different?

The bonnet release is very stiff, is there a procedure to try and sort this out? it just feels like the cable will break.




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Welcome to the forum newbie :blink:

You're resident stalker here...Edd China did a window fix on the TT,maybe worth having a look at that episode to make you feel all warm inside!

I'll get back to my real home now,adios amigo :respekt:


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I did mention about the microswitch on the door latch mechanism, had to replace both on my car. You can buy them from fleabay around £6-7 each. They are handed parts. Pretty much this is likely to be the fault with the window .

Have a look at the bonnet catch end and make sure the catch is lubricated and spray the cable a bit.
Also had one of the ESP sensors faulty on my car when I bought it. Found out you could take it apart and resolder the chip. Fiddly job but it worked ok.

Stuart B

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Thanks :)

I'm unsure about the ESP sensors - as with the S3 when the lateral sensor failed two lights appeared, only one appeared on the TT. when scanning the faults (my laptop ran out of battery - typical) but the haldex had an intermittent brake light switch error - I am wondering if that might be related. Also I think those sensors are under the seats in the TT rather than behind dash.

these are the faults which I cleared.

Engine Control Unit
16487 MAF Signal too high
P0103 Intermittent

01314 - Engine Control Module
013 - Check DTC Memory - Intermittent

0217 - Side Airbag Igniter, Driver Side (N199)
32-10 - Resistance too High - Intermittent

00526 - Brake light switch-F
27-10 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent


Is the micro-switch in the actual latch? I will look to find a thread for the repair. have you ever tried to "reset the windows"?

Have you had any issues with Radio reception - the DAB simply doesn't work at all and the Tuner only works for FM? I know the radio amplifier is easier to get to than the S3, and might actually have one laying around which I bought to try and sort the issue out in the S3. rather annoyingly the Kenwood I have is the lesser model of Kenwood DNW521 instead of 525 which is apparently much better but considering I don't really do stereos I'm just being fickle.

As I just got this against the wishes of my wife, I don't want to have it on axle stands so will maybe get a garage to fit a timing belt and the downpipe at the same time. but I am just a bit confused over the timing belt interval, I don't want to play around with the mapping side if I have any doubts but the original interval was 115000 miles revised to 75000 and it had the belt done at 73000 miles, it has done 116K now and I checked the belt which looked good, didn't look perished cracked , shiny etc. I thought the advice was 60K intervals - so I might just take it easy for a couple of months.

Do you know whether the brake light switch and clutch switches are compatible between the TT and S3?

Also can you remember the VCDS Lite settings to check the clutch switch? I recall it was in cruise control section.

Stuart B

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Well MAF is definitely over-reading as I had seen 195g/s but checking the map is still totally stock.

TOP is from the TT
BOTTOM is from S3 on a Stage 1 243BHP Map

What I have found, is a push button next to the steering wheel? this is not an Audi fit - I am wondering whether this was to disconnect the N75 but why would someone bother with a stock map? any idea what the common push buttons are fitted for on TTs


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What I have found, is a push button next to the steering wheel? this is not an Audi fit

That could be for an aftermarket shampoo dispenser :blink:

With the radio mate,have you had it out of the dash yet?...maybe no DAB aerial has been fitted and for FM/AM you don't have an external aerial on the TT,do you?

Possible that you may need some kind of aerial adapter behind the headunit?

Don't worry too much about the bonnet release,you'll be opening and closing that frequently so it should soon ease up a bit.


Stuart B

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The back window is the aerial, I haven't worked out how to get the stereo out yet, I bought keys but there's no space to put them? I might have to remove the actual trim around it. It definitely does not have a dab aerial fitted. Maybe second hand and you can't remove the aerial as it gets stuck onto the windscreen.

Stuart B

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It is a dnx521 I couldn't find anything about getting it out of the TT dash I will upload a photo, I bought a Haynes manual to see if I can remove the trim to get to the frame and remove it.

This TT forum is pretty quiet isn't it :D

I need to map this car soon, everyone thinks I'm a Sunday driver when i'm driving normally. Just a baby stage 1 map and TIP to start with, I might consider the green cotton filter instead of open cone.

This does average 30 mpg though instead of 23 :)


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Wonder if the switch is something to do with the MAF, They don't usually over read under read. Maybe somebody has codged a mod, you need to find out where the wiring goes. Fortunately my TT was 100% unmodded so I had no surprises.
The TT forum is indeed a quieter place compared to the A3 8L forum.
I have just fitted a DAB radio in my TT. They need a totally seperate aerial as the frequency of DAB is a lot higher than normal FM . Looking at the manual linked above page 104 describes the DAB aerial connector spec as SMB which is the standard aerial connector I believe.
My radio came with something like this.

Don't know if the brake switch is the same as the S3, It is a fairly common problem though.

Stuart B

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There's not a lot of space but I will see if there is a "hard rubber surround" to remove first. Thanks :) (this is your new home)



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Re your window drop, doing a 'reset' usually works for me (although not this morning in the hard frost for some reason). Worth a try though as it will cost you nothing. You probably know how to do it, but just in case ... Start your engine to avoid battery drain. Keeping your finger on the switch put the window all the way down to the bottom, release, then press the down button again and release. Pull the switch until the window goes all the way up, release, then pull the switch again and release. That's all there is to it. You sometimes need to repeat this procedure more than once.

My bonnet release is also very stiff, I assumed they were all like that!

Stuart B

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Does this TT have a quick rack like the S3? The turning circle appears to be awful but I thought they had a similar chassis. It had a replacement steering rack a few years ago and I am wondering if they might have fitted the wrong one?