Black round things


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Here’s an odd ones for you guys.
I’m looking at a set of tyres for my dads old toyota rav4 and there’s so much choice. OE tyre is a 4x4 type tyre but it’s wet performance is pretty poor and pretty noisy.

firstly there’s seems to be SUV tyres, 4x4 tyres and normal car tyres that’s comes in his size, weight and speed ratings.
so question is is there’s a huge difference between them all other than slugging through mud and dirt? He never off roads the car and is more a Sunday driver than an boy racer so not need img exceptional handling characteristics. The SUV and road tyres are fairly similar as far as I can see. would having a car tyre of same spec cause any issues

Secondly because he’s always on the road not fields or mud I was thinking maybe this time round get the all seasons/weather tyre like the cross climates. Is this a good idea or am I better sticking to the 4x4 type tyres instead.

lastly I suppose it’s getting some recommendations from you guys which tyres you found good on an suv. Similar size car to q3/5.

another thing as far as price is concerned there’s not a huge difference between the oe Yoko tyre to something like the cross climates or other car type tyres so it’s less of an issue.



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My guess would be the body of a MKII fragmentation grenade, but it’s tough to say exactly with all that buildup around it. The fuze also must have come off. If you try scraping the buildup off, be careful because it could damage the surface body underneath. You can wash off and Speed Test Simichrome/Brass-O the brass just fine though.