Bluefin S3 upgrade


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Has anyone had this done to their 261hp S3?, i'm interested in having it on my TTS, the TTS is the DSG version and this is what is causing me to hold back a little as I have already had DSG problems with the mechatronic unit and I would hate Audi to refuse any further warranty it may require due to the remap.
Superchips reckon they reset the flash counter when leaving the programme, on the TT forum they're talking two flash counters? any thoughts?. i was thinking Bluefin over the others basically down to the 'DIY' aspect and free remaps when and if Audi reflash the ecu with an upgrade, I know everyone says the replacement is free, but with the revo they charged for time £90 and it was a 120 mile roundtrip


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I have had mine on for 24k miles and think it's great. Others have not felt the same though. There was an S3 rolling road day a while back where Bluefin mapped cars performed worse than other maps and in some cases stock cars were putting out higher figures. This thread is a follow on from that rolling road: but I can't find the original.

I have been very happy with my map and the ability to take the map off when the car goes into Audi is important to me. It's a vast subject though I'm afraid but if you have any specific questions then fire away. Or ask one of the guys from this group-buy thread:


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Got bluefin on my S3, it is very convenient - order it off net, arrives in a day or so, plug it in to download the map from car, plug into PC to upload to superchips and then download the new map when its ready. No travelling anywhere. You can reset it back to its stock map easily - takes about 15 mins. Apparently it leaves the flash counter as is - rather than resetting to zero. I've been reasonably happy with the performance - although, i've just posted a thread about ECU Learning/Adaptation as I do feel after a week or so its not as quick - not sure if thats the map or other factors though. Either way, its a good compromise between performance and having the ability to remove it easily.


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I have had several cars mapped by Superchips/bluefin and have always had great service and the product has been spot on. Superchips are slightly more conservative with their remap settings, this may be due to them offering a warranty or perhaps they are just sensible and protecting our investments. I found the Guys on the TT forum were pretty anti-remapping when owning both of mine but you just have to do it, the difference is amazing and those quad pipes take on a whole new sound.

If you are chasing balls out top end power then Revo get the vote, if you want a good quality remap with plenty of back up then I'd suggest making the trip to Superchips HQ in Buckinghamshire where they will throw in before and after dyno sessions plus be on hand to answer all your queries, both companies are excellent at what they do IMO.

If you go down the SC route or have any questions that need answering give the HQ` a call and ask for Jamie Turvey (Technical Director) mentioning the forum, you may even get a discount.


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Thanks for the replies and links, seems like the engine may produce more than quoted anyway and being as the map for DSG does not have all the available mid range torque due to the torque limiters in the DSG gearbox I may be paying the best part of £450 for very little indeed, I'll sleep on this one I thnk