BMW 540i


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Thought I would post a few photos of myself and a friends E39 540i.
The car was purchased 3 months ago for the sole purpose of doing a Euro Trip challenge for a friends stag do/holiday.
(3500 miles with a car purchased for no more than £750)

We originally found the car on ebay for over £1k, we thought we were out of our depth but tried a cheeky offer of £750 - which as predicted was rejected.
8 days later the classified ad finished, so we let the seller knew the offer still stood if he was interested - to our amazement the seller agreed that if it was collected that weekend he would let it go, that night we drove across to Sunderland.

The drive back was almost faultless, it developed a misfire 50 miles from home, but that was rectified a week later with a used £6 coilpack from ebay!

We were shocked at the amount of options the car had, baring in mind it was built in 1997 it had;
Colour screen, TV (terrestrial so no longer functions), Carphone (in the armrest), Sat nav unit.

Immediatley we knew we had to keep the car after the Euro Trip as we had come across such a good motor so we decided to spend a little on preventitive maintenance, this consisted of the usual engine oil & filter, spark plugs, gearbox oil & filter, diff oil.etc, along with 4 new tyres.
Granted it was the first RWD car we have owned, the rear tyres didnt last long!

We then decided to "theme" the car (photos below will do the talking" - we had always fancied spraying a car, so promptly ordered £50 worth of oilve drab paint and thinners from ebay.

The story of the car took another interesting turn for us last month - I like looking through a cars history, as we were provided with a comprehensive folder-full, it seemed rude not to.
The original owner had bought the car in South Wales and owned for a number of years, as it turns out he is quite a business man - found photos of him on the net with the queen.
I was telling this story to a friend of mine, when he heared the obscure second name, I could see him click - as it turns out, my friend went to university with the original owners nephew!
A few facebook messages later confirmed the car was owned by a friend of a friends uncle - small world.

The car as purchased;