Boot lip protector

I have a 2015 A6 Allroad, but can't find a moulded, boot lip protector for my year. There are plenty for pre 2011 and post 2016 but in between there only seems to be those rubbish rolls of adhesive stuff.

It seems the 2015 C7 has been lost in the world of rear guard protectors, possibly because the rear bumper is on different levels and curved.

Has anyone else got a 2015 model with this issue?

Here's a pic of mine and also something what I'm looking for...


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It's frustrating because I do a lot of heavy loading, and any chance to protect the rear sill I will.
Just seems to be a black hole for this kind of design.
The previous owner also had a huge dog who let itself in and out of the boot, leaving masses of scratches... No pride :grumpy:


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Why dont you get the OEM bumper protector. Its a clear self adhesive film? ETKA lists them either saloon or avant which covers the allroad as well